Rev. Fr. Philip Abraham

Rev. Fr. Philip Abraham

Rev. Fr. Philip Abraham, our Vicar, mostly known as Roi achen is the founding priest of our parish. The hope and need of a handful of orthodox faithful living in the San Fernando Valley along the leadership of Roi achen paved the way for the formation of this parish in September of 2001. Under the pastoral and administrative leadership of achen the parish has grown to a vibrant spiritual community of the Malankara Orthodox Church here in San Fernando Valley.

Born as the oldest son of Mr. Abraham and Mrs. Saramma on April 2 of 1963, achen had his studies and upbringing in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Achen has a diverse academic training in the field of Engineering, Theology and Counseling and been a dynamic leader both in the church and in the community. His Grace Zachariah Mar Dionysius , then Metropolitan of the Diocese of Madras, first ordained him as a deacon on January 6th the day of feast of Epiphany and two years later on May 28th 1992, on the day of the feast of our Lord’s ascension, ordained him to Priesthood. Achen migrated to US in the fall 1999 to pursue his higher studies and in 2002 moved to California as part of his church ministry. Achen is married to Jeena and they have two daughters Marissa and Manassa and the family lives in Santa Clarita Valley.

Contact Information:

Phone: (661) 714-2364


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