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The Stewardship of Money

Why it works: The service times and location are clearly listed right below the navigation menu. There is also a link to get a map,

Find Your Mission

Today, the spread of house churches is largely found in countries such as China, Vietnam, India, Cuba, Brazil and African nations, but they are also

Summer in the Psalms

Historically, there have been tensions between house church movements (along with other restoration and revival movements) and traditional churches. Therefore, many house churches do not

Half-Day Spiritual Retreat

“It’s not a pantry… This is a grocery store!” This refrain has echoed through our offices as family after family walks through our newly expanded, freshly stocked…

Consuming to cultivating: a reflection

We make it easy for people to get connected and involved with each other no matter what the age or background. We exist to create

Annual families meeting

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Refuge of Safety

My heart soars above all the tension and fear as the Lord lifts us up from where we’ve fallen on powerful wings of strength that

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